Friday, August 3, 2012

Animal Farm

A couple of days ago we went to visit a farm. Inara seemed to enjoy the animals and the farming equipment.

Note the identical expression.
Also, an update on Inara's vocabulary. These are recurring at the moment:

- Mama
- Pappa / Dada
- Titta (look)
- Där / there
- Borta (gone)
- Ja / yeah
- Nej (no)
- Tickle tickle
- Jag vill ha (I want)
- Woof woof

The other day I told Inara to stop messing with her grandma's plants. I stooped down and said "aj, aj" (something we say for lesser offenses) while shaking my finger at her. I've only done so a couple of times before, but she turned and shook her finger right back at me, saying "no".  I had to try very hard not to laugh. Since then, she shakes her finger at us frequently. Often completely without cause, always while telling us "no" in a firm voice. Guess she's just making sure we know who's in charge around here.

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