Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First of Many

It's official! Our little lady is now a full year old. Like most parents, we're in awe at how fast time has went by. It's hard to imagine that the little, screaming bundle we received a year ago is the same person that was able to open her own birthday gifts and put spoon fulls of cupcake into her mouth. We had a small party for her in my mom's yard and invited just our closest Swedish relatives. It was a beautiful (somewhat cold) day with lots of sweets, presents and games. 

Happy Birthday!

My dad and Inara

Greeting my cousin and aunt

Cousin Cajsa

Cousin Rita and aunt Anita

Birthday Girl

Digging in on her cupcake

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We let her eat it however she wanted, but she insisted on using a spoon. I guess that's just how she was raised.

Opening presents

This truck from my aunt was a favorite.

Birthday kisses

Kissing her new frog piggy bank.

With cousin Rita

I recommend giving all toddlers hammers.

Setting up some games.

We had a great time and although Inara wont remember, I hope she'll look at the pictures some time and think about how happy we all were to be there on her special day.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

.0002 Leagues Under the Sea

Did you know that a league refers to the distance that a person, or horse, can walk in an hour? Pretty vague. When I told Andrew this he asked how far I thought a person, or horse, can walk under water. I'm not sure, but here are some pictures of Inara and me from her latest swim class. She's still enjoying it and is now able to hop in from sitting on the edge of the pool at the count of three, swim under water a short distance, and kick around the pool by herself while wearing swim wings.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Small Excursion

We've been spending a lot of time at my mom's house lately and went on an excursion to the east side of the island last week.

Swinging at grandma's.

Grandma's place is just full of interesting stuff.

On the porch at my mom's.

In the harbor at Katthammarsvik.

She does this looking over the shoulder while tilting her head bit a lot.

Watching the water through the grates.

Observing a fuzzy caterpillar.

Holding on to grandma.

She really liked sitting on this rock with her dad.

And lastly: This has pretty much been our (and probably lots of other people's) experience with the job market:

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