Sunday, August 12, 2012


I read somewhere that everyone judges everyone else to some extent; it's just our way to categorize people and make sense of life. Still, I feel that there is a point to making a conscious effort not to do this, especially as a parent. Interestingly, it seems to me that parents are some of the harshest judges -and harshest judged- out there. Maybe it has to do with how public the way that we choose to raise our children is. People just need to take one look at what your kids are wearing, what they're eating, and how you talk to them to compile several Encyclopedia Britannica volumes worth of recommendations for how you could be a better parent. Sadly, I am just as guilty of doing this as anyone else, even though I realize that what I am basing my judgement on is often just a small snapshot from someone's life and not at all representative of the rest. 

This winter, Inara refused to wear anything on her feet. It didn't matter how cold it was outside, or how many layers of socks and blankets I put on her, she treated them all the way I might treat flesh eating parasites. So, there I would be, walking down the street with her little, pale feet sticking out of the stroller, half covered in snow. I remember worrying almost as much about what people would think, than about Inara's impending frost burn. I decided to try to think of those little cold piggies every time I judge someone prematurely, at least giving them the benefit of the doubt. Even though I'll ever be able to stop completely, I am giving it my best to set an example for my daughter.


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