Thursday, August 16, 2012


My guess is that a lot of first time parents underestimate their kid's ability to reason at a young age. At least that's my experience. I think we're still stuck thinking that Inara is a baby when she has actually figured a lot of stuff out. This really hit me today. She has a little push cart that she likes climbing into and standing up in. Last time she did, it tipped over and her hands got mashed by the handle. Today, she had climbed back into it and I went up to her and reminded her of the last incident, using my hands to imitate the loud sound it made when it hit the floor and pointing at her hands, saying that there had been a big "owie" on them. She gave her hands a concerned look, then slowly stepped out of the cart and hasn't been back in since. And it makes total sense! She can remember so many other things, so why wouldn't she remember her accidents? What's more, she understands all the basic (not talking complex philosophical concepts here) things that we tell her, so why shouldn't she understand when we explain consequences and remind her of past experiences? Maybe it's just me, thinking this is so great, but I am looking forward to trying this again. 

Note the ponytail.