Monday, August 27, 2012

She's Still Got Ears

This morning, Andrew took Inara in to be with her at preschool for a couple of hours before taking her home, but they sent him on his way twenty minutes later, saying she needed to practice napping there. When Andrew told Inara he was leaving, she just waved, blew him some kisses and continued what she was doing. If things went way south they were supposed to call me, so I kept a steady eye on my cellphone for the four hours she was there, but nothing. It was very strange to be home without her. I kept thinking that I needed to be quiet, since she must obviously be sleeping in the other room. Although I couldn't stop wondering what she might be doing, I think I can get used to having a few hours to myself to get things done each week. 

When I went to pick her up she was happy as a clam, although she made very sure that I was bringing her with me when I was leaving. I guess she had been able to fall asleep for her nap without a problem by sitting in one of the teacher's lap at first. This particular teacher has long hair like me, so Inara was able to twirl it the way she likes doing when she's with me. Guess it's a good thing that not everybody there keeps their hair short. 

When she got home, she was totally wired for the rest of the day and already seemed to have picked up a few new skills and habits. Some interesting, such as growling; others not so nice, such as pinching. I guess it's all a package deal. To try to calm her down, I let her use watercolors, but she acted perhaps even more crazed. She tore the bricks of color out, flung paint around the room, pored the water on herself (and I think drank some of it), and ultimately tore her creations to pieces. I was surprised both her ears were intact at the end.


  1. Such a good idea! She is so adorable working on her art work. I'm impressed she is still clean in the pictures.

    1. Thanks! Well, the pictures were taken at the very start and things got much, much worse. Still lots of fun! I'm trying to think of good activities for all those rainy afternoons that will be coming up, so let me know if you have suggestions!

  2. She's really only missing the black paint then she would look just like daddy.

  3. That had to be fun to clean up but she is a little darling

  4. Yeah, the picture was taken at the very first and things got a lot worse, but still worth it!