Sunday, September 21, 2014


Last weekend, we invited my family over for a small birthday party for Alba. It seems like this year has went by so fast and I am amazed at how that little baby who was born just a year ago is now this talking, walking and laughing little person with her very own personality. 

Some preparations:

The table is set (I feel I have to point out that I've made the table!)

The guests waiting for Alba to wake up from her nap.

When she got up she seemed very confused by all the people who had managed to sneak in while she slept.

 She woke up a bit more after getting her first present.

She was still too sleepy to open anything, but fortunately Inara came to the rescue.


Inara was coaching Alba on how to blow her candle out and ultimately helped her do it. 

Alba said no to the hat, but I figure it's only about 30 years off. My uncle figures he's funny. 

A smile at last!

And now, she's about yey big:

Sunday, September 14, 2014

On the Fence

Alba ate her yoghurt all by herself today:

And before bed, Alba and Inara spent some time checking out the street behind our house (a favorite past time, but this is the first time Alba was able to climb the fence by herself). 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I'm back and better than ever! Well, at least the hole in my belly was replaced by a fine mesh net when I had my hernia fixed almost a week ago. The surgery went well and I'm still a little sore and can't do a lot, but definitely recovering. I'm looking forward to hopefully being rid of the pain permanently once I'm completely healed. 

Andrew took a couple of days off last week and this week I've been very fortunate to have my mom here helping me with Alba while Inara is at preschool. I actually think that one of the most valuable lessons I've learned from this (except don't lift too heavy right after giving birth) is not to judge others. I think about what it must look like to people to have my retired mom carry not only my baby for me, but also my groceries, when we're shopping. Or what it might look like when my mom's weeding the garden while I'm sitting in a lawn chair watching. I don't care much what people think about this, but I have made a promise to try to not judge others so easily when I really have no idea what's behind that mom yelling at her kid in the store or that guy being so rude in the parking lot. 

In other news, Inara moved up to a different group at preschool. She's the youngest, but seems to be adjusting well. Her first week back she had to talk to the group about something she did this summer and she apparently had no problem sitting in front of everybody telling them about the hedgehog in our backyard, finishing with: "And that's the end of that story."

Alba is walking like a champ, still has no teeth and will be starting preschool in a week. 

Andrew started classes at work and has quite a lot of students this semester. He's also going to the Netherlands for work this month. 

(I've gotten some questions as to whether my children own pants and the answer is yes and I challenge you to convince them that that particular item of clothing is even vaguely worth their time).