Monday, July 30, 2012

Play and Work

The list of things that I would rather spend my time doing than applying for jobs is very, very long. First off, it's extremely time consuming. Let me just say that trying to accomplish anything thought intensive, while keeping an eye on a one year old, is pretty much impossible. That leaves those precious couple of hours at night after cleaning up / putting Inara to bed + running (Andrew and I alternate nights for the two) to get it done. Writing a good cover letter customized for the position can easily eat up that entire time. 

Second, I loathe the thought of being judged solely based on those two pages worth of CV and cover letter. I constantly picture some HR person picking my application up from a tall stack of papers (although they probably just read them electronically), rolling their eyes and chuckling a little before dropping it straight into the paper shredder and emailing me one of those apologetic, run-of-the-mill responses. I realize this is not the attitude to have, but how can you stay positive when you get no positive feedback? 

Basically, I just want a decent a job, where I'm wanted, that I can take a break from at night. I'm thinking I need to hire an assistant to handle the application process. That would be some great job creation and I would be able to refer to my assistant for all job related matters. 

Don't get me wrong. Having been able to spend this entire summer together as a family has been truly awesome and something I would recommend to anyone who would be willing to get rid of all their stuff and live a more basic life. Unfortunately, it's difficult to put reality aside when you know that the fun can't go on forever. 

We actually had a lovely day yesterday consisting of playing in the sand on the beach, throwing rocks in the water, a simple picnic, and home made ice-cream. Can't complain too much about that.

Homemade sugar+sweetener-free wild strawberry ice-cream!

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