Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day Off

Andrew didn't have class today so we enjoyed some time outdoors!

Walnut harvest

Video of Inara in the stroller, she loves looking at the trees.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fire and Song

Despite how it may seem, I haven't forgotten about the blog. The last few days have just been fairly uneventful and I don't have much to report. Inara and I went to a children's group this morning. She thought it was great getting to watch the other kids play, but as soon as we all started singing her bottom lip began quivering and her mood stayed somewhere between sad and concerned for the remainder of the time. Hopefully she'll know more what to expect next week and can actually enjoy it. Or maybe she knows she'll be tone deaf like her parents. 

It was cold here today so we lit a fire and the fireplace is now competing with the washer for the nomination of best baby entertainment (maybe that should be added to the "bad parenting" post). Otherwise all is well. Andrew's classes are getting more demanding and he passed his first Swedish exam. I'm posting a hickup video since I have yet to get any good video of Inara smiling or talking. Everytime she sees the camera she forgets what she's doing and stares it down.

Siamese twins

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Small World

Weather was really nice this weekend, perfect fall days! Saturday we went to a fair in one of the small towns here on the island. Inara had a blast looking at all the people. We ran into some Mormon missionaries and it turned out that not only were they from the U.S., one of them was from the same town as Andrew's uncle and had played football with his cousin. In the evening, one of the Italian students in Andrew's program had invited us to a BBQ and being at his house together with Greeks, Russians, Iranians, Irishmen, and Germans made the world seem even smaller. Inara was super good all day although she had barely slept at all. On top of it all, she also managed to roll over in the morning. She probably had a bit of a brain overload that day.

One and only time she's slept in the baby hammock (she hates it)

Note the drool

Holding on the the edge of the couch for a few seconds

Friday, September 23, 2011

Inara on the Road

Before we left the U.S Inara had been to six different states: Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Illinois (If you count our landing in Chicago). Here are some pictures of us being on the road and visiting with family. We almost started feeling like fugitives after a while; laying our heads wherever there was a pillow, never unpacking and always eating in the car. We also had a lot of fun and it was definitely worth being able to see everyone.

Uncle Rhett showing us how to cut baby finger nails.

Inara and grandpa Barney

Inara and Andrew's aunt Janet

Inara and me at the Shoshone-Bannock tribe pawwow

Inara and grandparents Kartchner

Us with Andrew's cousin and kids

Inara with Andrew's aunt Marie

Inara and Ed

Me and Inara with Andrew's grandpa Vance

Inara and Lindsay

Andrew's aunt Margo who made me a Swedish birthday cake!

Inara's first mary-go-round ride

With Andrew's aunt Annie and Lamont

At Mount Borah

Inara sleeping through Old Faithful in Yellowstone

Heather in Yellowstone






Thursday, September 22, 2011

Family Pictures

Not much to report today other than that I tried to put Inara down for a real nap in her own bed (she normally naps in the Baby Bjorn during the day). It worked out poorly and she decided to stay awake all day and get really fussy at night as revenge. On the other hand she slept a record 11 hours without waking up last night, so I shouldn't complain too much. Anyone have any advice on establishing a nap time routine?

When we were visiting family in Idaho a couple of months ago, we went to Brittney's (sister-in-law) family cabin in Island Park (near Yellowstone National Park). We had a ton of fun with the Kartchner side and Brittney's sister took some awesome family pictures. I thought I would share some favorites.


Inara with cousins Summer and Claire

Brittney and Rhett (Andrew's brother) in the foreground

Blake (Andrew's brother), C.J., Mark, Claire, Morgan and Matt

The girls

Holly and Mark (Andrew's parents)