Sunday, September 25, 2011

Small World

Weather was really nice this weekend, perfect fall days! Saturday we went to a fair in one of the small towns here on the island. Inara had a blast looking at all the people. We ran into some Mormon missionaries and it turned out that not only were they from the U.S., one of them was from the same town as Andrew's uncle and had played football with his cousin. In the evening, one of the Italian students in Andrew's program had invited us to a BBQ and being at his house together with Greeks, Russians, Iranians, Irishmen, and Germans made the world seem even smaller. Inara was super good all day although she had barely slept at all. On top of it all, she also managed to roll over in the morning. She probably had a bit of a brain overload that day.

One and only time she's slept in the baby hammock (she hates it)

Note the drool

Holding on the the edge of the couch for a few seconds


  1. Trevlig helg ni verkar ha haft och världen är då sannerligen inte stor!

    Inara ser ut att växa och växa, så fin!


  2. Okay, I guess some people can say that she looks like you but I think the drool really sealed it. She's ALL Andrew. And very darling! Cool about the missionaries. I bet they loved visiting with someone from so close to home. What town was the missionary from?

  3. Moa, det hade vi! Sa roligt att du laser!

    Margo, I agree she looks like Andrew! Some days more than others. One of the missionaries was from Keysville, UT and knew Chase. Not sure if Andrew told Kolin yet, but pretty cool.