Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fire and Song

Despite how it may seem, I haven't forgotten about the blog. The last few days have just been fairly uneventful and I don't have much to report. Inara and I went to a children's group this morning. She thought it was great getting to watch the other kids play, but as soon as we all started singing her bottom lip began quivering and her mood stayed somewhere between sad and concerned for the remainder of the time. Hopefully she'll know more what to expect next week and can actually enjoy it. Or maybe she knows she'll be tone deaf like her parents. 

It was cold here today so we lit a fire and the fireplace is now competing with the washer for the nomination of best baby entertainment (maybe that should be added to the "bad parenting" post). Otherwise all is well. Andrew's classes are getting more demanding and he passed his first Swedish exam. I'm posting a hickup video since I have yet to get any good video of Inara smiling or talking. Everytime she sees the camera she forgets what she's doing and stares it down.

Siamese twins


  1. Inara is getting so big. I love your blog. Thanks so much for doing that. It makes you seem a little closer. Take care! Love Aunt Marie

  2. Thanks Marie! So glad you like it! Maybe you should start one so we can follow what's going on with your clan? Love from the three of us!