Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Still Inside

So, no baby today either. We went to see our midwife and she said everything looks fine and that there is no reason to worry. I'm still in week 40 and they don't induce labor until week 42. We're getting really antsy though. Inara talks a lot about all the things she's going to do with the baby once it comes, but I'm not sure she actually believes it will ever get here. She's going to carry it, push it in the stroller, read to it, show it how she can jump, give it it's toy bunny, put clothes on it... Oh, and she told me the other night that she actually has a baby in her belly too. What a good big sister!

Oh, and as far as the guessing game goes, no one has guessed a date later than the 10th, so now it'll be up to who guessed the gender and the weight correctly! 


  1. Thanks for the up date. Hope we can all celebrate the coming out party soon.

    1. Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for thinking of us!