Friday, September 20, 2013

Another day at the hospital

Update: UNNAMED BABY was 'born in caul' meaning that she was born with a part of the amniotic sac attached. In her cause it was the whole dang thing (popped right after she came out). The Swedes call it Victory Cap (their name is much better). This supposedly means she is destined for fame and fortune or what not.

Well UNNAMED BABY and Maria didn't come home today. UNNAMED BABY's blood tests came back high for bilirubin again and they had to put her back under the lights. The outward signs of high bilirubin, which I failed to describe earlier, are sluggishness, lack of appetite and a general skin tone resembling that of John Boehner (or Snooki). John should probably get tested.

Anyways here are some pictures.

She was pretty lethargic when we where there but still managed the strength to fill her diaper.

Woo. Fun.

Point at the glowing baby.
Inara was still unimpressed with UNNAMED BABY and was very clingy on Maria.

Oh other item of note, Inara is very interested in milking things. Like anything. I've seen her 'milk' trees, wooden horses, benches and snails. You'd think she'd have no bounds based on that but there WAS a limit for her interest and that is when they hooked mom up to the old milker. That was completely unacceptable and resulted in her screaming and hiding. Double standard much?

We'll see what tomorrow brings.


  1. Even with the dictionary at my side I still don't understand what's happening DUH
    Does she still have the feeding tube and will she make a 100% recovery?

    1. Annie, I'm not sure I completely understand how it works either, but basically my blood and the baby's blood don't match causing her to get severe jaundice as her body is trying to process the toxin. She will be 100 percent fine, but if untreated it can cause brain damage. Inara had the same problem.