Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sister, sister

Just a quick update on what Inara thinks of her little sister.

So far, she's been extremely nice to her and seems to like her. On our way home from the hospital, I told her that maybe she can come to preschool some day, so she can show her to her friends. Her response was: "No, she's my little sister and nobody else can have her." When we were walking to preschool the next day, she brought this up again, saying that nobody is allowed to take the baby away. I assured her that the baby is ours and that nobody can take her from us. She's been very gentle with her, mostly just patting her legs and head and giving her the pacifier. Several times, she's said: "She is so nice." and a couple of times we've peeked into the room finding Inara just watching Alba sleep ( I guess this could also be creepy, but it seemed nice).

So, so far so good. It also helps that Alba is a very easy baby who is happy as long as someone holds her for a few hours every day, feeds her and changes her many, many dirty diapers. 

Just home from the hospital.

Since it's important that the bilirubin is flushed out of her body, we're still supplementing a little bit with formula.
Showing her room.

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  1. Love the picture of Inara feeding Alba. So sweet! Can't wait to meet the new addition! Looking forward to your visit.