Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shapes of a Mother

Mammaformer is the name of a website created by Anna who runs the blog Apan Satt i Granen, where mothers can see and share images of their bodies post pregnancy (keep in min that there obviously are a lot of nude women on this page, just in case that offends you). There's also a U.S. site called The Shape of a Mother and I'm not sure who inspired who, but they are both such great initiatives! 

I know that I’ve touched on this before, but it makes me so sad that many women have such a negative self image after having a baby. I’m definitely not entirely comfortable myself, but I have chosen to focus more on health than looks. I want to exercise, not in hopes of one day looking like a bikini model, but to be healthy enough that I’ll have the energy to keep up with Inara and do everything else that I want to do in life. I also hope to stay strong enough that I’ll one day be able to chase after her potential kids. I just wish that’s where we would focus our efforts. I don’t agree with letting yourself disintegrate just because you have kids, but I also want mothers to love themselves more. Instead of opting for plastic surgery, which is only a temporary external fix, let’s focus on our internal and emotional health.

Here’s a picture of what my body is capable of creating:

She's a very serious child. For about 15 seconds at a time. 

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