Sunday, October 14, 2012

Inara: Putting the Poo in Pool Since 2011!

So today I went with Inara to her baby swim.  Ostensibly to have my picture taken under water with her.  I will refer you back to my prior post on Inara's nature as to why I don't put my mouth/eyes under the water in that pool. Maria strongly encouraged me to go though, so I went.

They took the pictures of Inara only (under the water) so things were looking good with a few minutes to go.  Then I started to notice a bit of a bubbling from Inara's vicinity. Then it stopped. We moved to an area near one of the pool walls and I checked her by giving her swim trunks a small squeeze. At that point I thought she'd turned into an octopus based on the "ink" stream that was released., but it was too chunky for ink.

Being an old pro at this I quickly left the pool before people would understand they were swimming in Inara's effluent and cleaned up my progeny.

There were at least two classes after ours. Another baby swim and then an old lady swim. They say the pool is cleaned by UV lights and as such don't have much in the way of chlorination. I would just like to note that I don't think there is enough UV light anywhere to deal with what I saw released into the pool today.

Also Maria wants me to mention this is Andrew.  Not someone else who takes our daughter random places and has experience cleaning up her poop blowouts. There are tons of people who do those things, I guess.

There is no shame in those eyes.


  1. I think I will ship yall a box of swim diapers :) She's cute enough to be forgiven!

  2. Oddly, and sadly, swim diapers are not allowed.

  3. I don't know about your other readers but I can definitely tell when it's Andrew and when it's Maria. There is a whole different flavor to the blog when Andrew is writing! ;)

  4. Why aren't swim diapers allowed?

    1. I know they have a reason for it, but can't remember it now... I think it might just have had to do with the kid's mobility in the pool, as well as the chemicals in swim diapers.

    2. Yup no chemicals in poo...