Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oh, the colors!

It's been an absolutely beautiful fall day here. I do believe the leaves are especially vibrant this year, but maybe I think that every year. I wish I would have brought my camera with me outside, but we had to make due with the ipod, not even getting close to capturing all the pretty.

Inara had just been scared out of her wits by a tiny dog in the first picture, thereby the apprehensive look. 

Speaking of cameras, on Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with photographer and writer Nina Ruthström, who I discovered through her blog just a few weeks ago. Since I've been wanting to learn more about photography for quite some time, I wrote her and asked if by chance she was in need of a photography assistant and she actually said that she might be. I guess you've got to ask to get answers!  She turned out not only to be an awesome photographer, but one of those people you feel completely at ease with right away. It's currently the low season for photography, but hopefully I'll get to come along on some jobs later on and in exchange I'll learn how she operates and perhaps some "tricks" of the trade.

On Friday, we visited some friends for fika and despite (or because of) two kids running around and trying to decide whether to speak English, Swedish, or Spanish it was a super nice little visit. 

These two meetings made me think about how important it is to spend your time with people who leave you energized and empowered and leave the rest by the wayside.  

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  1. Det var en mycket trevlig stund vi hade. Jag är mycket glad att du skickade mail till mig.