Saturday, October 6, 2012


I’m on my way back to the island. The interview went ok. Not a catastrophe and not a shoe in. On the plus side was that the interviewer was from the island and on the minus side that she wasn’t expecting me. Turns out she didn’t ever get my email confirming that I would be there and because I didn’t want to be a pest, I didn’t double check. So, I got there at 1.00 pm and rescheduled for 5.00 pm. Although it offered an opportunity to see my beloved cousin Cajsa for a little while, it also gave me a chance to get super nervous. I’ll find out how it went at the beginning of the week. 

Oh, and she asked me what animal I would be. I said orca whale. Not sure if that was good or bad.

Other than that I had a great trip. I stayed with my friend Ragnhild and her son, saw a couple of other old friends for dinner and two cousins separately. It was really strange to be away from Inara for so long for the first time ever. I missed her terribly, but also enjoyed just being me for a few days. Not just somebody’s mom. It’s such a large part of my identity and I think it’s good to be reminded of who else I am. When I talked to Inara on the phone, she actually said "kolla" (check it out) several times, rather than just breathing into the receiver and pressing random keys.

Unfortunately, the trip ended on an extremely negative note. As I was waiting for the bus to the boat, I realized that I wasn’t wearing my ring. I felt sick. It’s like losing your wallet times ten. I knew I had it at the coffee shop I was at last, but they hadn’t seen it. This meant that I had lost it either on the street, or in the subway. Gone forever in other words. I’ve been really mad at myself since I knew it was too big and I shouldn’t have worn it anymore.

After a few hours of mourning, I'm trying to focus on the positive. It's pretty difficult, but there is something. When I told the people I saw while I was there, they all rallied around me and asked what they could do to help find it. It’s amazing to know that I have such great friends and family. The same thing happened when I found out on short notice that I was going to Stockholm. Andrew, my mom, my friend and even a lady who hemmed my pants two hours before I needed to go, all made my trip possible.

I didn’t have my camera and I’m the owner of a dumb phone (about the only one left in this hemisphere), so I don’t have any pictures from the trip. Instead, I’ll give you this very sentimental shot:

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  1. Oh, so sorry for you, the ring I mean. Hope your interview went better than you felt.