Friday, September 14, 2012

Good Advice

As a new mom, you'll inevitably receive a ton of advice. Sometimes it's wanted and sometimes not so much. Sometimes it's useful and other times more the self serving variety. The nice part is that most people really do have good intentions. I often have to work hard to suppress these "advice-giving" urges myself. I just really want to share those things that have worked for us, but I also realize that what has worked for us may not work at all for someone else. 

So, this will be one of the times that I'll indulge my sage-self. Here it goes: Pretty much anything that you worry about in regards to your child will work itself out. In other words, any time you're giving google a run for their money by spending hours searching every little issue concerning your bundle of joy, just stop and breathe. Before you've bought him a helmet, he'll figure out how not to fall on his head and before your book about sleep training arrives in the mailbox, he'll be sleeping through the night. Babies have been doing this whole growing up thing for a long time and maybe we should just trust that they know what they're doing a little more. 

That's it. Now I'll quit the advising for a little while.

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