Friday, July 27, 2012

Run Like the Wind

Almost two weeks ago we ran a 5k/10k race. The weather was awful with rain and cold winds, but almost 400 people still showed up to run in a small town on the east side of the island. We were a bit worried since this race seemed more serious than what we've been in before, and there were some really good runners, but also others just doing it for fun. I ended up with a time of 28.20 for the 5k and Andrew got 48.10 on his 10k. I was happy with my time considering that I had only been training for a couple of weeks and that it was my first race since I had Inara, but mostly I got really inspired to improve. 

Just finished and looking surprisingly happy.

Andrew finishing strong.
My mom watched Inara while we were gone and after the race I noticed that I hadn't thought about her for close to an hour. What a strange feeling of guilt and pride!

We decided last minute to rent our apartment out to tourists for a few weeks to make some while we stay at my mom's, so we've been super busy getting it ready. We got the first people in there today and hopefully some more next week.