Thursday, July 5, 2012


Since Inara turned one, she's pretty much able to take care of herself:

Dressing herself. She actually managed to get one arm through one leg hole. Not bad.
Rocking out to some tunes on the ipod.

Brushing her "teeth."

Making pancakes for father's day.

Got her bags packed.
Unfortunately, she still does not seem to have mastered doing laundry, so either her table manners need to improve or she needs to start practicing. 

After some tacos.
She loves dancing to the tune of her toy train. Needless to say, her dance style is pretty much awesome. It makes me wonder if perhaps our dance styles are equally awesome.


  1. Awesome, and she sings, too.

  2. Vilka fantastiska moves! Galet vad stor hon har blivit, det går så väldigt fort nu runt ett års åldern tycker jag, värsta utvecklings explosionen typ.