Sunday, April 13, 2014

Running, shades then running again.

So I have news.

Yesterday I competed in a half marathon that I wisely chose to split into a relay with two other brave work friends. I had initially wanted to run the quarter marathon (10.5 kilometers) but due to the number of people wanting to run in groups we did the 7 split. I did run the 10.5 k but it wasn't timed and as such is less note worthy. In any case it turns out the relay teams were slow folks and my team handily won. See the below image of me showing off the winnings.

Handsome and fast!
Otherwise I have a few other things from the Ipod to post for your viewing delight.
I was left home with the girls. I found a pair of sunglasses and dropped them on Alba. She acted like the sun had burnt out and just froze like this for about 30 seconds.

Inara demanded a pair and I provided them.

Alba continues to be amazed.

Inara just rocks the shades.


Totally into it now though. Clearly.
A movie from before we moved. I had to stop filming because the rabbit needed me to burp it. Or so I was told.


  1. Congratulations to the handsome running champ and his 007 girls

  2. The trophy is impressive. You need to sign up for this run every year. The girls look darling. Too bad sunglasses are only practical during the day.