Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This year, Easter was celebrated by participating in the yearly Easter parade and building a new fence in our backyard. The Easter bunny also stopped by and left a couple of eggs for Inara. He was wise enough to leave before she could cook him up and eat him though. She appreciated the eggs, but was a bit disappointed about the lack of bunny on the menu.  

Best buddies leading each other into mischief.

Lots of people (about 4000 this year)

Enjoying the Easter eggs given to those dressed up.

Chicken dance!

Tiny Easter Witch.

Added this very similar picture of me and Inara in 2012. 

(Thanks Reagan for the pictures!)

The fence! We were both pretty surprised at how it turned out considering our complete lack of experience.

For comparison: A picture of the other side which still needs to be redone.



  1. Very impressed with the fence. When you come and visit we can work on something like that at our house.

  2. Great improvement from the pictures Inara showed me of the construction in the back yard