Monday, April 7, 2014

Keeping Track

This evening, Inara was playing ice-cream shop. I ordered a peach cone and Alba ordered pear. She gave us the "ice-cream", asked for payment and then went over to her chalk board and said to herself: "One peach..." and drew a yellow line. She then turned to me and asked: "What did Alba have?" I told her pear and she turned to the board and drew a green line. Somewhat amazed, I asked her if she was keeping track of her ice-cream sales. She said she was. To test her, a stuffed animal walked by the shop and ordered strawberry. A pink line was drawn. 

It's possible that she learned this at preschool, but we haven't taught her. Is it because she has accountant blood in her veins? Should I start letting her manage our finances? 

 The picture has a lot of lines because she did the same thing yesterday, but I wasn't paying as close attention.

Also, her first reaction to the Easter bunny was to ask if we could eat it. The bunny, that is. She maintained her desire to eat it all evening yesterday, but today she seems to have switched to being more interested in the eggs. I hope the Easter bunny leaves her some nice treats or he will probably be on the menu next year. 

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  1. Good job Inara on your ice cream shop.
    And watch out Andrew there is scoop of peach and of strawberry right over your head