Friday, May 3, 2013

The tricycle

So it's been a while since the last post, but I'm sure you loyal readers don't mind and won't complain. Seriously this is a free service folks so you can all be a part of our awesomeness. To reinforce this I give you the below.

Inara has recently received her mother's old tricycle. It is in mint condition, thanks in large part to grandma Anita's impeccable storage and house keeping and Maria's lack of ability to ride it as a child. It is not commonly known, but Maria didn't learn to walk until she was 12. So cycling of any sort was out of the question.

Inara had been eyeing a neighbor's tricycle so we figured it was time to give her one of her own. It is red, which is one of Inara's eight favorite colors. The tricycle was unfortunately too big for her and her legs couldn't quite reach the pedals. I show her how to cycle, being an expert.  In the second video she decides to attempt to effect repairs to the tricycle.

I've attached two videos of her second and third attempts to ride. The first attempt would have been filmed but the Ipod picture froze and consists of me muttering and pressing the buttons while I filmed my feet, the sky and, best of all, half a minute of what my pants pocket looks like inside! I don't want to spoil it for you but apparently it's pretty dark in there with poor acoustics.


Behold futher:

After the tricycle lost its allure I was forced to entertain her the old fashioned way, throwing her as high in the sky as I could. Turns out I can throw her high enough to make her mother sick just by watching. I'd say that was an accomplishment but worms/slugs have the same effect on Maria and they just mostly lay there. Here is a video of the sickening feat. I feel that the effect was greater for Inara not being able to see and almost being dropped once.


  1. I will complain! But I only complain because Inara is so darn cute. If she was as you describe the slugs then these updates wouldn't matter so much.

  2. And I was a bit disappointed you didn't include the video of your pocket. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen one before.

  3. The complain comment was directed primarily at one person. She knows who she is.

    I still have that pocket video. It is riveting. I'll send you a direct link.

  4. Thanks for my morning smiles. Maybe the tricycle will keep her intests closer to the ground.