Wednesday, May 29, 2013


After dinner we decided to walk over to the store in this (finally) beautiful weather.

Some updates:

Inara: We had a meeting with her preschool teachers a few weeks ago where they just gave us an update on her progress, what she needs to work on etc. Apparently she is very determined and knows what she wants (we had no idea!). She'll explain what she wants and if you don't understand the first time, she'll explain again. If someone takes something from her she will let the whole school know what happened by demanding it back (even the older kids back off), but she rarely takes things from others. She's very kind, polite and helpful, but still struggles with waiting her turn and table manners (although the last part has gotten a lot better). She has advanced motor skills and has had a chance to spend some time in the older classes to prepare to transfer there. She has a positive outlook and is usually excited by the suggestion of a new activity or event. Needless to say, she's great! They didn't say that, but I'm sure they thought it. 

She's also using the potty about once a day, but it's totally up to her. We're not pushing it, just praising her when she goes. Her speech is advancing everyday and she's using more English words. The other day, she translated what Andrew was telling to Swedish for me. She talks a lot in her sleep, saying things like: "I want those blueberries", "my turn now!" and "Inara will fit there."

Baby:  I went in for a check up the other day and the baby's heartbeats are nice and strong and my belly is measuring right on the line. This baby is a lot more active than Inara was, it's pretty much a party in there 24/7, so we'll see what comes of that. 

Andrew: Andrew went to a wind conference on the mainland for a few days two weeks ago. He got to dine in a castle and ride a crane, so it seems like he had a good time. He got his Swedish driver's license on Monday, so we're pretty excited to be able to drive (legally) here now. He's done with his Swedish classes tomorrow and has to work for another month before he gets to go on a six week "vacation", but don't worry, I'm already lining things up for him to do on his time off. 

Maria: Apparently I was a bit anemic last time I had my blood checked, so now I'm taking some more iron and it seems to help with the jet lag-like fatigue I've been experiencing. Work is going well, although it's a bit depressing to be cooped up in an office when the sun is shining outside. I just have to make until middle of august though when I get to go on vacation.

That's all for now!


  1. Thank You for the positive info, but was there any question of Inara's remarkable progress. Glad to here your feeling a bit better and that Andrew too is doing well in school. XXOXOO

  2. How come she looks so cute with the dandelions but in my yard they look awful?