Thursday, May 16, 2013

Assorted pictures of Inara doing things

It's me again folks.

You may have noticed a drop in the number of posts going up here. This is largely because Maria is tired and too busy. She has repeatedly ignored my suggestions to improve her efficiency, to the point where she now just threatens me. Her lose and yours I guess.

I have only a very mild interest in keeping the blog updated. This is compared to my complete lack of interest in Facebook. Anyhow I digress.

So today I present you with random stuff I took off my Ipod.

Went to daycare. Dog suit taken. Lion suit taken. Daddy was hirsute. Cow suit... available.

Going to a birthday party.

Angry that we were just sitting outside taking stupid pictures. PARTY! Stupid parents.

 The next set of pictures is from this last weekend where we went to a farm with her daycare. Basically a swarm of small children molesting innocent farm animals. Sounds like fun!

This farm had six horses, a few hundred sheep, two dogs and two rabbits. Below are Inara's interactions with all except the dogs.

These rabbits seemed a bit on the sluggish side. They were probably drugged to tolerate the 10+ children screaming at them and ramming various objects in their direction to eat. If they weren't drugged they should have been.

Inara was very pleased to be able to touch the near catatonic rabbit. She later tried to force feed it a dandelion with middling success.
Inara moved on to larger game. These were more lively and ate all the dandelions I could pick and then give to Inara to give to them. Children are bureaucrats at heart.

Yup. Sheep.

Inara sat on this and just kicked her legs. Great fun.
 This next set of pictures is from yesterday. Inara and I got some time together after I got out of class. This is how we chose to spend it.
Inara saw one snail and decided to collect every one she could see. Turns out she has pretty good vision. This is her haul. Daddy is so proud.

This particular snail is probably going to bear the psychological wounds of this encounter for a long time. Lets just say there was some probing right after the picture was taken.

These two were determined to be "small" and were placed where they could most easily be stepped on.

Uploaded the wrong picture. Too lazy to take this one down and load the other one.

And thus began the great snail rolling contest. There were no winners.
I've gotta couple movies too that I'll probably upload tomorrow.

Enjoy folks.


  1. Thanks I did, and will view again tomorrow to make I didn't miss any thing. Good job Inara on your collection of snails.

  2. Thanks so much for the pics of inara. Nothing like extortion from a former tax man. Maria posts without heaping guilt, so hurry back please Maria!