Friday, June 8, 2012

The End(s)

Well, so many of you know that I recently finished my masters program.  So now I am a master of something, which is pretty neat.

My thesis was submitted on the 28th of May and on Monday the 4th of June I'd presented it, to roundly positive reviews.  On the 5th of June the class had a, more or less, farewell party.  However, on June 2nd one of our number, Paul, got hitched.  He was kind enough to invite the class to his wedding.  We'll start with the pictures from the wedding.
Here is Paul.
Here are Maria and Inara.  One of these two is WAY, WAY past their bedtime.
Betty (bride) and Paul getting ready to Greek/Turkish dance.

Jacopo, making an offer that cannot be refused.
And now moving on to the school stuff.

Here is most of the class the day we gave our presentations.  Missing from the picture are Merijon and Paul.  Paul was on his honeymoon and Merijon wandered off when the picture was to be taken.
Same crew more or less. The guy in the back middle (not the one holding Inara, that's Gorkem) is someone still trying to finish the program from last year.  I really have no idea who he is and had never met him before but he didn't seem to have a problem with being in a class photo for this year with other people he didn't know.  I probably would have liked him.
Enough class stuff.  Now I give you want you really want. Inara.  Let's start out light.

Yesterday was Sweden’s national day, and as luck would have it the king was here so we went to gawk at him.  He was not interesting.  But the weather was nice.  I waved Inara in his general direction.  Pretty sure she saw him...

I have a migraine in this picture.  That is how tough I am.  I felt like I was going to puke!  But Inara had to see her sovereign.
There is a hole under our counter that up until now has been used as a storage spot for Inara’s toys.  We have found a better use for it.

Toys pushed to the side.

Comfy spot.  Notice the vein in my forehead. 

Yep.  Super comfy.  I think this is our new spot.  We've added a blanket so its more stifling and sweat boxy like!
 And now...

Look at this face.  Those eyes.

No.  REALLY look.

What do you see?

Can you see what evil...rests behind these eyes.

These are the eyes of a pool pooper.
Inara was at her baby swim the other day.  Things seemed to be going well and everyone was happy.  People were cheerfully putting their mouths into the water and making bubbling noises.  No one suspected a thing.  It's possible that the faint brown trail in the water would have gone unnoticed...except they brought out the slide.

Inara was unable to resist the slide, even knowing it may reveal her dark, dark (actually more of a brownish red) secret.  Things went well.  Her mother happily plucked her up from the water after Inara had slide down, none the wiser.  Then she turned.  And she saw, the slide had been MARKED, and all could see the truth.

Needless to say, Inara has embarrassed the Barney side of the Nitz-Barney combo.  The Nitz's don't seem to mind though.

I have to say I get chills watching people put their mouths in the water now, but its probably better they don't know.



  1. I literally LOL'd right here at work. I love little Inara. I can see that in her eyes, yes I can.

  2. Thank You for all the photos and scrips "MASTER" We are so proud of all of you even the little blue eyed pooper.Waiting for bd info

  3. This is hilarious! What a great story! Sure are missing the Nitz-Barney clan!

  4. You are hilarious! Love how you see life ;)

  5. Why thank you Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous