Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cats, Crayons, and Climbing

I feel it's time to give a little update on what Inara is doing nowadays:

- Walking everywhere, all the time, without stopping.
- Saying "där / there" while pointing (probably about 100 times a day).
- In addition to mamma and dada, she also occasionally says "hej", "titta / look", "bye", and "yeah." She once said grandma and the Swedish "jaha," but those were probably mostly accidental.
- Whenever you ask her something she shrugs and throws her hands up in the air.
- She laughs super loud while pushing her stomach out and throwing her arms back behind her.
- She absolutely loves cats, pointing them out in books and on the street.
- She enjoys drawing with crayons and climbing into closets and cupboards.
- When she doesn't want us to pick her up she lays down flat on the ground.
- She tries to distract us from her doing something she's not supposed to by pointing and saying "there" in opposite direction.
- She thinks stairs are the best toy ever.
- She is really good at putting stuff away. Where it doesn't go.
- She likes smelling flowers. Or rather to lean forward, put her nose on them and make a sniffling noise with her mouth.
-Whenever we praise her (or when she feels she deserves it) she gives herself a round of applause. 

She also went to the dentist for the first time today (all kids get called when they're one). I'd been joking that they'd have to discuss dentures, but they weren't surprised at all to see no teeth. 

Now some videos of her just doing her thing in the last couple of days. I still need to post the videos from Turkey, but seeing how it will get boring to watch so many videos at once, I will do that later. The one of us at my dad's house is pretty long so feel free to fast forward. She's still struggling to walk while wearing shoes, so there are a few small spills.

Many of you are asking us what our plans for the future are. At this point, we're just enjoying the time we're able to spend together and looking for jobs. As soon as one of us finds something, we'll go to wherever it may be (within reason) and the other will just have to follow. Inara is signed up to start daycare for atleast a few hours a week at the end of August, which I think she'll really enjoy.

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