Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Super Awesome Weekend

Last weekend we got on the ferry, rented a car on the mainland, picked up my friend Ragnhild and her son Iwo in the middle of Stockholm (not as easy as it may sound) and headed to Dalarna (county northwest of Stockholm, pretty much the epitome of "Swedishness"). There, my friend Moa and her family had arranged for all of us to borrow a cabin on her parents' property for the weekend. It was great seeing everybody and getting to blab away most of the couple of days that we were there. Between having just learned how to move around and being around so many people, Inara also had a great time. 

On the ferry

Saying hi to the horses
The place (hard to see the main building in the middle, bit it was very pretty)
I love how this horse looks like it's smiling
Inara's first horseback ride!
Ragnhild and Inara

Sigge and Inara with Moa's parents
They each got a rattle and kept switching them back and forth

All of us

Helping dad drive
We stopped by a castle on the way home and met up with my friend Rebecka
And now we're back home and the snow is melting. Andrew only has about a month left of classes and then he's supposed to work on his thesis until June or so. Time really has been flying by and we're looking forward to seeing what comes next for us. Ideas?

Oh and now with MOVIES! (Maria forgot to add them, so as usual Andrew has taken over.)  The movies are as follows: Inara riding an Icelandic horse, Inara riding a sled pulled by an Icelandic horse ridden my an Icelandic man.  Oh and Andrew is there too.


  1. The scenery is beautiful and I'm so glad that Inara got her first horse-ride. There may be a cowboy in there!

  2. Thanks! Let's just hope it's not an allergic cowboy!

  3. Vilken helg det var! Jag är fortfarande lycklig efter att få hänga så rejält med er!

    Ni är bäst. Pok

    PS. Jag föreslår att ni flyttar till dalarna, helst hedemora kommun.DS