Monday, February 27, 2012

Andrew's School

So this post is going to be Inara light.  Deal with it.

I figured it was high time for me to post some pictures of my classmates doing all the awesome class stuff we do.  Or in this case two things, of which only one has to do with class.

Let's start out with something light, a dinner party...

Okay so these were already up but now I'm gonna start naming names.  On the left closest to the camera is Merijon of Albania, next is Eftun of Turkey, followed by Paul of England, then Oliver of Ireland and finally Mehdi of Iran.
Closest the camera is Nic the Greek then Jacopo the Italian.  Down at the end there is Paul's Swedish fiancee (financier?) Betty.  Betty appears bored but its probably more her trying to understand Oliver.
Here we see a Swedish mother protecting her young.  Notice the concerned expressions on the the Greek and Italian's faces.  They know not to approach her in her agitated state.

Here we are at the base of an Enercon wind turbine.  On the left closest to the camera is Haseeb of Pakistan and on my right in the picture in the brown coat is Åsa the Swede.

We got to climb up inside the turbine.  It was surprisingly roomy inside.  And warm.  It is about 240 feet tall.  We only got to go up to the second floor though.  I did promise not to tell if I was allowed to climb the rest of the way but no dice.

Standing next to some of the inner workings of the turbine with the Swedish technician who helps maintain the park.  He will remain nameless to protect his identity.
Me, heroically, climbing down.
Konstintina the Greek gets her own picture since she apparently refuses to appear in pictures with everyone else.  Or it could be most of these pictures were taken by her.  One of the two...
We are watching the turbine re-start after we'd been inside. Either that or someone is about to jump.  I don't recall which it was.

 I actually had more pictures but when I looked for them I was unable to find them.  I promptly blamed Maria who blamed Inara.  Inara is asleep now but first thing tomorrow I'm going to get the truth from her.



  1. Andrew! Good to hear from you! Keep the posts coming!

  2. I hope that if someone was getting ready to jump that you all were going to move out of the way! If someone yells "move" how many languages do you have to translate that into before everyone understands?

  3. Thing is, screams are pretty much universal. No translation needed.