Monday, February 13, 2012


One of the benefits of living in a small town: If you just get outside enough, sooner or later you will end up in the local newspaper. So, here we are, Inara and I at the library. They're asking me how long I've been on parental leave as part of a report on how more dads are taking advantage of the 460 days of paid parental leave available to parents in Sweden. Of course they managed to misspell Inara's name (surprise, surprise) although I watched the guy write it down.

Inara had what they call a "three day fever" last weekend and was not a happy camper. She lost all energy and just wanted to be held. It was pretty much the first time she's been sick, not counting the bad jaundice she had when she was born, so we've been very lucky that way. Here are some pictures from those few days:

A couple of days later she was back to her normal happy self:

She now knows how to clap her hands and how to wave, although she's still pretty inconsistent. She also gives big, slobbery, open mouth kisses with lots of tongue. One of her favorite pastimes is looking out the window, so now our windows have little paw prints smeared all over them. She's also getting very close to crawling, as you can see in the first video. The problem is, that what she really wants to do is walk and she would prefer us to constantly help her do so, crying if we sit her down. In the second video she is almost standing on her own for a while, only holding on to a sweater hung over the edge of her crib, not actually providing any support. We'll see if she ends up crawling or walking first.


  1. So much cute! When our kids were in the newspaper it featured their misspelling instead. :rolleyes:

  2. Love the pictures. It's hard when they are sick, but that's the only time our girls cuddle, so I kind of like it too. :)

  3. By the way, yes Andrew, your post was one of the best posts I've ever read--next to mine, of course. :) And I love that you slipped in that picture of Maria and Inara. If Rhett ever figured out how to post on our blog, we'd have all sorts of pictures like that--mostly ones the girls have taken of me. SCARY!

    1. After Rhetts done the bar thing I'll talk to him about that.


  4. Hey guys! We found a way to post on the anonymous. Inara is growing like a Swedish meatball. We'll keep in touch more often now. --Dan

    P.S., seen any woodchucks lately?

  5. Hey Dan and co! Glad you found a way to post! I'll be sure to ask Andrew about the woodchucks ;). Take care and say hi to the family!