Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sickness, Snow and Standing

Okay, so Maria is under the weather with what Swedes call the Winter Vomit Sickness.  Pretty accurate name.  I, being an American, only vomited once before defeating it utterly.  Inara only being 50% had a bit rougher go, but the good blood won out.  Maria on the other hand has been completely leveled by this disease for going on three days now.  She attempted to go to the hospital but sitting in the emergency room puking was worse than sitting at home puking.  They also don't like committing people who are projectile vomiting around others with weakened immune systems.  Go figure.

I have, valiantly, taken it upon myself to post some stuff.  I know how you folks yearn to hear/see the goings on here. Also it has come to my attention that the U.S.A. is sending many fewer hits to this page than the Swedes.  You can do better U.S.A. people.  You know who you are.

So last Sunday it snowed a small amount here.  We walked out in the snow and got some pictures of Inara's complete lack of interest in the snow.

Inara has also taken great interest in standing and walking, with assistance.  She is able to stand up with no lifting assistance, other than an object to steady and lift herself on.  So better than Maria right now.  Here are some pictures of her little feet.

And a short movie of her standing solo, sorta.

She is a bit of a narcissist so we frequently find her kissing reflections of herself such as here:

Big sloppy open mouth kisses.  This one probably involved some tongue.
I just found this picture that Maria apparently took while I was at school.  Gonna make an executive and post it.  Maria will probably take it down when she recovers.  Enjoy!

Like mother like daughter. Nice.
Inara's morning hair just keeps getting better and better.

Inara may be a dentist based on her interest in teeth.  Probably not though, I think she was grabbing at my uvula.  What occupation does that?

I'll close up with this movie of Inara watching one of her stuffed toys fall repeated on its face.  She loves it.  Good girl.

Please show your approval at this blogs marked improvement since I took the reins by commenting below.


  1. The picture of Maria and Inara is totally hilarious, it certainly is the first time I thought she looked more Like her mother than you. I hope that Maria is feeling better soon! I had a similar sickness at Thanksgiving. Craig Chandler had his uvula (bull ball) removed and he says it really does do something so don't let Inara take it out.

  2. They both look pretty sharp in that picture. I, off course, picked the nicest of the bad options.

    She is still sick, but is on the mend.

    I will bite her next time she goes for my uvula. That'll teach her.

  3. Feel better soon Inara and Maria! Andrew keep kicking those foreign germs' asses! Your post made me laugh out loud. :)