Monday, January 2, 2012


I tend to struggle to find a balance between documenting my experiences and experiencing my experiences. I've always been obsessed with taking pictures to be sure to remember everything and everyone. Now that I have Inara, it can get a little out of hand between this blog, her baby book, her message book, all her pictures, photo albums and everything else. I have to tell myself to stop and enjoy the moment rather than run and get the camera. On one of my trips my camera actually got stolen and although I was upset, it almost ended up being a nicer trip after that. While everybody else was struggling to get the best pictures, I just sat back and took everything in.

Our New Years Eve was pretty quiet. We lit a couple of Chinese paper lanterns that are becoming quite popular here as a quieter, more environmentally friendly alternative to fireworks. We lit ours early, but at midnight the sky was full of them (kinda like in "Tangled" for those of you who've seen it). 

At midnight we woke Inara up to see the fireworks and she really seemed to enjoy them although she was really sleepy at first. The video of her watching didn't turn out though.

Inara got some glowing stars from grandpa B for Christmas, so we put them up above her crib. Andrew put up all of our individual signs and the big dipper, although it's hard to see in the picture. 

Watching dad put the stars up
We also got a our Christmas gift from Rhett and Brittney: A chess set with some familiar faces:

Speaking of over documentation, we checked on Inara the other night while she was sleeping and she was so cute we wanted to take a picture. Because the camera wouldn't do it without a flash (which would wake her up) we decided to use the ipod and a flashlight instead. This was the result:

Probably not our best parenting moment. Poor Inara!

Inara playing with grandpa G.

Waiting to go outside.

Enjoying bubbles for the first time. Now she cries when we put them away. 

Inara and Andrew at a nearby cafe.

My cousins visiting.
 I leave you with this comic that I got a kick out of and hope you're having a good start on the new year!

Oh, and we managed to find a way to make the videos look better, so all the old ones have been updated.

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  1. Men vad stor hon har blivit helt plötsligt, sitter själv och grejer. Det händer så mycket nu runt den här åldern, snart sitter väl Sigge också.

    Gott nytt år ¨på er!