Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Learning and Growing

We're now moved into our apartment although there's still some work to do to get everything in order. I do promise some pictures next time though! Inara has learned a ton of new things this past week and is growing like a weed. All of the sudden I could barely squeeze her into her car seat and yesterday I noticed that her toes were trying to poke out of the coverall that was two sizes too big just a little while ago. She had a bit of a rough one the first night in the new place, but seems to have adjusted now. She's still very quiet (as in not talking, not as in not screaming), but seems to know her name. Other than that she's eating everything we're feeding her and gets really upset when she can't have more. Here are some pictures to get caught up: 

Story time

She loves playing peekaboo. In this case it isn't working out too well since the paper isn't covering her face, but she usually holds stuff up over her face and then pulls it back, smiling big when we say "peekaboo."

Grandma is visiting



  1. Jisses vad stor hon blivit! Det går så fort alltså. Ser fram emot bilder från er nya lya.


  2. så sjuuuuukt söt!!! bilden med nappen o stora ögonen, my god!