Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Christmas is over and it's warm and green like a spring day here. We had a nice Christmas Eve at my uncle's house and spent Christmas Day at our house. After a short family quarrel, Inara got to open presents both days and enjoyed the wrapping paper every time. She also briefly noted the contents.

Bo and Inara (wearing a new hat grandma made for her)

Using all he baby might to open a gift from Cajsa
Cajsa and Inara
After Christmas Eve dinner we went for a walk around town which was completely deserted and very beautiful, just wish we would have had snow.

I also want to brag a little about how I made almost all of our Christmas gifts this year. Turns out that everybody else in my family had been spending their evenings crafting away as well and our gift exchange turned into a great cavalcade of socks, hats and goodies.

The other night when Andrew was feeding Inara, she all of a sudden did this:

Happy as a clam
Inara keeping me on the straight and narrow around the house

Ready for battle

Andrew made a peppercake house. I'm pretty sure it wasn't up to code.

New dress from grandma K. A girl can never have too many animal prints.
And lastly, the long awaited apartment pictures. I probably should just have posted them right away instead of building up some sort of anticipation.


Living room

Living room

I guess I do have one more thing to add. I was checking the stats for the blog (I have a thing for stats) and noticed that Russia places second after the U.S. for number of visitors, followed by several eastern European countries where we don't really know anybody. I thought this was very exciting and would love to see a comment from one of these areas. I actually love comments in general. It makes me feel all special and fuzzy inside.


  1. First of all--what was your short family quarrel about? Secondly, I love Inara's adorable smile! The battle picture is so cute! And thirdly, I'm glad I'm not the only one posting pics with toys strewn everywhere (love the kitchen picture!). Looks like your place is really nice. Wish we were there!

  2. I'm sure the argument is that you do not open gifts on Christmas eve! Christmas day only...

    I also watch the stats on Bryce's blog. Not sure why he gets international visitors.

  3. Brittney, the quarrel was about whether she should open the gifts on Christmas Eve (like we do in Sweden) or on Christmas Day. She ended up doing a bit of both though. And of course I post pictures with toys everywhere, otherwise no pictures would get posted at all :). Wish you were here too!

    Margo, you are correct! We did some more looking into our stats and it seems some Russian sites are referring their visitors to our blog for unknown (to us) reasons so maybe something similar is happening to Bryce's blog. Either way, it's kinda fun.

  4. Ser ut att va en bra lägenhet! Och ni ser ut att ha haft det fint på julen!

    Alltså bilden på Inara med skålen på huvudet - sötchock!