Monday, February 9, 2015


Questions before falling asleep last night:

- Why do you get married (follwed by "I want to marry you")?
- How do you get married?
- What keeps your bellybutton in?
- Who am I going to get married to?
- Why do some people not have rings?
- Can I have a ring even if I don't get married?
- Is your tongue the floor of your mouth?
- Can I wear a crown when I get married (after deciding she probably was going to get married)?


  1. I think this adorable! Her wheels are turning in so many different directions! Lily is convinced she is going to marry Wor. At this point we are cool with that. I like her thinking of marriage in context of a positive and healthy relationship

    1. It's sweet and I love all her ponderings and questions. I also just focused on saying that if she wants to marry, she should marry someone who loves her and is nice to her. I'm thinking there will be time to build on that. How are you feeling?

    2. I'm improving, just not as fast as I had hoped. My pancreas hasn't Ben cooperating with recovery. My gallbladder has needed to come out for at least 8 months and that complicated things.

    3. I'm sorry recovery has been slow. What are the symptoms of a "bad" gallbladder? Hang in there!

  2. Mine registered as bad back pain with some pain under my ribs on my right side. For 8 months I thought it was a back problem and was seeing back drs who were clueless and kept sending me to PT. I ended up in the ER and in the hospital for a week. Back and stomach pain-don't brush aside.