Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Bit of This and That

Someone - I won't say who (grandma Kartchner) is implying that the blog doesn't get updated enough, so here are a bunch of pictures from Andrew's phone. I think they're from october to now. Enjoy!

Sleepy face

Andrew at the Alcazar, Seville

Making monkey bread

Making snowmen out of frozen snow

Alba has a compost bin on her head...

Riding her horse

Hugging and forcefeeding biggie a toy

Watching TV

Sad morning face (photography by Inara)

Snowman family portrait

New Year's Eve fun

Making a sandfort on the beach

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  1. Next time I will complain sooner. These are great.

    1. Haha, just look at what a little bit of complaining can accomplish!