Monday, July 7, 2014


Finally, a post about Inara's third birthday! All parents say it, but it really is strange how three years have went by already. I remember her birth like it was just a little while ago and now she is this little person with her own thoughts, feelings and desires. Even though we sometimes fight, I'm very glad that she is exactly who she is and that she is our daughter.

We had her birthday party the day before her actual birthday since it was a weekend. Four of her friends and their parents were invited. We set everything up outside near the playground with decorations and food and just as everybody arrived the skies opened up and we had to rush to get inside. This resulted in seven kids and ten adults squeezed into our living room. Everyone was a good sport, but as soon as it stopped raining we all headed outside. 

Inara is extremely into dinosaurs at the moment (pterodactyl is her favorite) so naturally we went for a dinosaur themed birthday. 


Andrew and I managed to put this cake together the night before and I think it turned out pretty well considering we have no previous cake decorating experience:

 I cut some dinosaurs out and made gift bags filled with dinosaur stickers and other dino-related stuff. We skipped the candy:

Andrew drew dinosaur tracks from the parking lot to the playground using chalk, but unfortunately they were all washed away by the rain:

I had found some dinosaur masks that we handed out to the kids as they arrived. Here Inara is trying hers out in advance:

The Party:

Opening a gift from her best preschool friend:

There was even lava inside the volcano:

Pleased by her cake:

Respecting the privacy of the other guests, I'm not going to post a lot of photos, but here is one of Inara putting her arm around Alba - such a good big sister:

In summary, I think the party was a success and Inara seemed really happy with everything. Next up on the blog will be her actual birthday!


  1. Looks like the party was a winner, to bad the rain washed away all traces of the dinosaurs. Great cake

  2. Andrew might think about moonlighting as a cake decorator.

    1. Slow down! We made the cake TOGETHER, but yes, we probably should ;)