Monday, December 30, 2013


Andrew has been has been off work for the holidays and doesn't go back until the 2nd and we've had a really nice, cozy couple of weeks. One of the best parts has been taking turns sleeping in in the morning. With a little more sleep under our belts having two kids is starting to seem quite manageable (but I guess I'll get back to you when it's just me versus the two of them again). 

Inara has finally recovered from her jet lag and has seemingly snapped out of the most terrible of her terrible twos. Now, she's actually really pleasant to be around and we could not have hoped for a better big sister for Alba. She hugs her, kisses her and talks to her. She shows her her toys and invites her into her room with her. She reads her books and is always concerned with where she's at. Her firsts words when waking up in the morning are frequently "where is Alba?" It's only on occasion that she objects to Alba looking at her things or being held by us. When there is something she doesn't want Alba to have, she takes it, hides it in her room and shuts the door. Alba is oblivious to her efforts (for now). Inara has also picked up saying sorry as soon as she as much as brushes by you. She even apologizes when we should be the ones apologizing. Overall, she is a lot of fun right now. 

Alba is growing. Fast. She's 14 weeks and tonight she is wearing a Christmas pajamas Inara wore for her first Christmas (when she was six months) and it's snug. She's more than two pounds heavier than Inara was at this age and most people guess that she's four or five months. I guess she just wants to keep up with big sister. She's a very happy baby when she's at home, cooing and smiling, but hates going to unfamiliar places and doesn't like people much. In other words, complete opposite of Inara as a baby. She's able to roll over and can play with a toy while on her belly (although she prefers just rolling over as soon as possible) and sits with a little bit of support. Here she is:



  1. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned it but it doesn't get much cuter than that.

  2. Healthy and happy and so darn cute. Go girls. And happy New Years