Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas eve at my mom's house with my mom, dad and one of my cousins.

Watching Donald Duck - A Swedish Christmas tradition (only this once has Inara been allowed to watch that horrible duck).

Creepy Santa. We spotted him walking with a lit lantern at the farthest end of my mom's property and called for Inara to look. Wide-eyed and pressed against my legs, she allowed him to come inside. As he started pulling present out of his bag, she noted that he didn't look so well, theorizing about his old age.

She repeated several times: "Santa looks a little unwell."

She probably figured she better start opening her gifts before Santa keeled over. When Santa had left and Andrew came back, he asked her why she had not went upstairs to get him when Santa was there. She got a bewildered look on her face, as if she hadn't thought of that, until Andrew said it was ok and that he would see him next year. Then she said: "He looked unwell, but he was very nice. He said "ho, ho, ho."" She was disappointed in the lack of reindeer and concerned about Santa's health, but had no questions in regards to Santa's legitimacy.

Alba's first Christmas present. The wrapping paper was awesome.

Cajsa and Alba

Grandma showing Inara how to use her new stick horse (which grandma made herself).

Christmas dinner.

Alba's opinion of Christmas dinner.

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  1. I think Santa looked a little unwell, too. And that stick horse is awesome!