Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

We celebrated a nice and quiet Christmas Eve at our place with just the right number of dinner guests for our little apartment. Here are some highlights from the day and evening:

Every Christmas, I'm just as amazed at how many presents accumulate under the tree. No matter how much we've all talked about not buying a lot of stuff, this is always how it looks. In my defense, I "blame" some very generous grandparents for a lot if it. 

Snuggling with grandpa Kartchner, aslo known as "faffa," which is not only the Swedish word for grandpa, but also what she calls grandma Kartchner.

The sweetest gingerbread man around.

Ready to start opening presents.

Opening presents.

 Judging by these facial expressions, you may be fooled to think that this was a funeral (perhaps even the funeral of some of those present), but it's just the jetlag talking.

A few days before Chistmas, we went to Stockholm to meet with Holly and Mark. Inara was super excited about the boat and from the moment she woke up, all she could say was:
"Åka båt " (go on boat). When we were on the boat, we told her we were going on a bus next and she quickly switched to "Åka buss" (go on bus). She actually loves buses in general and lucky for her, one goes by our house several times a day. Yesterday we let her get on it just for fun and she loved it. 

We were supposed to visit the Stockholm zoo and see all the Christmas events going on there, but due to unforeseen and unfortunate events, we never had a chance to do that, but old town was very pretty with lots of snow. For some reasons I didn't take any pictures. Not like me at all. 

Anyways, more updates on the holidays to come soon. Hope everybody is having a great start on the new year!


  1. Little Inara is so sweet! It looks like you had a good Christmas with loved ones. I am glad that Holly and Mark were able to visit you for the holiday.

    1. Thanks Hannah! We were also very happy to be able to have them here for Christmas!

  2. We've been patient waiting for the blog updates. It always looks so magical around your table.

    1. Thank you Margo! I know I've been keeping you anxiously waiting :)