Thursday, May 10, 2012

Turkey! REDUX

Okay we're here in Turkey. Trip here was fine, Inara performed admirably. Maria performed about as expected. We started at 4 am and got to Turkey 22 hours later. An hour and a half of that was spent on a plan just sitting. N that time we drank most of our water. Turns out that this plane charges for water. Soooo we had to buy waters, which ticked Maria off something fierce. She's still mad in fact. First day here everyone but Inara was tired, she had slept most of the trip. We still attempted to get to the beach that day. It was a desperate fight, one Maria almost didnt make. The whining was getting so bad I was beginning to be embarrassed, but eventually Maria saw the ocean and calmed a bit. Inara was happy the whole way. Until her feet ht the water. Then it was her turn to be unhappy. I'm writing the on an iPod so it'll have to be short, but heres pictures! Inara the day before the trip: Here Inara on the first of three busses we had to take. She was less enthused by bus number 3: Here A cow and a mosque near our hotel: Here A roman amphitheater: Here A sweaty half swede and a fussy full swede: Here At the ocean, finally: Here If none of these pictures showed up in sorry but I give up. Blogger and Apple seemed to have teamed up to thwart my attempts. Jerks. Okay fixed it by adding links. Pain in my butt that no one is going to read.


  1. You need to give Maria more credit than you she is an awesome lady

  2. You need to stop kissing butt dad.

    1. Butt, dad. Not butt dad. Completely different things.

  3. The photos were great as usual,your girls are beautiful,hoping for more.