Sunday, May 6, 2012


My mom is turning 65 on Tuesday and also officially retiring this month, both events I feel are worth celebrating. So, I arranged a surprise birthday/retirement party for her today. By snooping around in her phone I was able to invite several of her friends along with a few relatives. It turned out really well with my mom being very surprised and seemingly very happy. The guests also seemed quite pleased by the whole idea, not sure surprise parties are quite as common here in Sweden, but perhaps I'm wrong.

Getting ready to party
Party Party
I made a cake!
Birthday Girl!

A bit disheveled. Note the one shoe.

This will probably be the last post until we come back from our trip to Turkey. Excluding a trip to Israel I took with my uncle and his family when I was 14, this will be the only time I've been on a charter trip.  I've always booked my own transportation and lodging and have some mixed feelings about feeding into the charter industry. However, traveling with Inara I'm sure it's going to be the best option and I really don't want to complain about getting to spend two weeks on the Mediterranean coast. This is where we're going:

Also, after working diligently, Andrew has finished his thesis one month early so we are able to fully relax (except we don't have jobs, but hey, I'm sure that will be fixed by us just relaxing on the beach)!


  1. Men shit pomfritt vad det händer grejer hos er! Kul med överraskningsfest och en sju jäkla snygg tårta alltså!

    Två veckors semester låter fantastiskt, ha så himla himla kul!


  2. En helt annan grej, kan du inte vara så vänlig och ta bort att man måste skriva krångliga ord innan man kommenterar?

    PS. Om ni vill alltså! DS

    PS2. Men göre. DS2

  3. Hahaha, alskar din forfragan/ditt krav sa pass mycket att jag ksa se om det gar. Det ar faktiskt flera som pratat om det. Vissa ger tydligen helt upp. Tack for tart-komplimangen! Puss

  4. He is already finished? That was very quick!

  5. Hannah, yeah he worked super hard so he could be done early!

  6. Looks like it was a wonderful party (always a party at your place it seems) and the cake was very impressive! Have a great holiday.

  7. Nice job Andrew I'm proud of you