Thursday, April 19, 2012

Super Mom

You all know her: That woman who cares for her kids in the best way possible, looks great, keeps her home immaculate, pursues a rewarding career, has hobbies, sees friends, enjoys a great marriage, works out, eats healthy, bakes, stays up to date, and last, but not least, is able to take time just to relax. When I say you know her, I mean to say you picture her, because this woman doesn't actually exist. It is physically impossible for one person to be all of that, no matter what people say. The expectations placed on women in general can be pretty intense, but I dare say that the expectations placed on mothers are a couple of pinholes higher. Those of you who have cared for young babies know that there are days when you get absolutely nothing done beyond feeding the two of you, changing diapers, holding and sleeping. To think that you would also go jogging and pluck your eyebrows before preparing a romantic dinner for your significant other is unthinkable. Even when kids get older you're lucky to get half of what you had planned done in a day. So, to all of you moms (and dads) out there stressing about not being good enough - cut yourselves some slack. Focus on those little things that make it all worth it: The word "mama" said with a huge grin, squeals of happiness following a game of peek-a-boo, and the look of wonder on your children's faces as they discover something new. Some days it's ok to just make sure that everyone is happy and healthy and to enjoy each-others company. Some days you just have to enjoy the moment and lay together in bed with a horse's butt smile on your face.


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    1. Thanks Annie! I know I am, I just have to remind myself sometimes.

  2. Fantastisk bild! Och ja herre gud vilka krav det finns på mammor, helt sjukt. Tur vi är så smarta att vi genomskådar skiten. Du är bäst. Puss

    1. Tack! Verkligen tur alltsa! Puss