Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Sickly

We're all sick again, and just like last time, I was completely floored for a couple of days. I didn't use to get sick often, so it's made me realize that I probably need to start taking better care of myself, beginning with securing eight hours of sleep each night. We had been planning on working with Inara to get her to sleep all night without eating, but now our plans were interrupted by this illness. Would be nice though. I was looking back at some of the older blog posts, remembering how she actually used to sleep all night until she got to be about 5 months. Not sure if she got hungrier or maybe just realized that the world goes on after she's asleep and she's missing stuff. Not looking forward to trying to convince her otherwise. To you seasoned moms out there: Feel free to offer up any good advice!

These pictures were taken of Inara yesterday after she had just woke up and her dad tried to distract her with a music video on the ipod:



heck is that!
It's so difficult to say how children experience time and what it's like for them when someone is gone for a while. All I know is that Inara's eyes got huge when she saw Andrew sleeping on the couch the morning he came back. They stayed that big for a few minutes and then everything was back to normal. I shot this video later the same day (late upload on both videos because something's been wrong with youtube):

And lastly, this is what Inara has been doing since I last wrote about how she refuses to be fed anymore. Cleanup becomes a whole new ball game. 


  1. Oh I'm glad that Lily isn't the only one who eats like that. Except I'm pretty sure that Inara is much better at it. She is so adorable!

  2. Haha, what's with babies and table manners anyways? Thanks and those Easter pictures of Lily were likewise adorable.