Friday, March 23, 2012

Inside Outside

As of today, Inara has spent exactly the same amount of time on the inside as on the outside (technically anyways). It's strange and amazing how much she has grown in such a short amount of time and how it's now impossible to picture life without her. In less than two years she has went from non existence to this little human being who is almost walking, laughing up a storm and saying mama and papa. 

June 23, 2011
March 23, 2012
She hasn't been saying mama and papa for very long, but the other morning we were all laying in our bed for our customary morning nap when she said it clear as day, right before closing her eyes. Now she says it a lot, but not always in reference to us. 

It's been really tricky to get her standing or taking a few steps on camera since she gets super distracted as soon as she sees it. I took this really dark video about a week ago while she was enjoying one of her rare moments in front of the TV. She wasn't really paying attention until someone started singing opera. By the time I had started the camera she had already stood there for a good while, mesmerized. 

This last video is kinda long, but cute. She played with that balloon all afternoon.


  1. As always I enjoy every single blog. Inara acts like a drunken sailor in her video watching opera,but a cute one at that, hoping her ballon doesn't pop soon. Thanks for the bragging hard copies

  2. Haha, yeah she's not a poster child for sobriety that one. Glad you liked the pictures!