Monday, March 5, 2012

A Day in Pictures

Inspired by a good friend, I decided to use pictures to document a typical day for me and Inara.

5.45 am
Inara has already had her first meal and diaper change, and is ready to start the day with some light reading. The photographer was not as chipper. 

7.00 am
7.00 am: Time for a morning nap. We both seem pretty happy. 

9.00 am
9.00 am: (We took a long nap) and Andrew is feeding Inara her customary banana porridge before heading to class.
 9.15 am
9.15 am: I'm attempting to dress Inara who's attempting to escape.
 10.20 am
10.20 am: In the church where we go singing with a group of kids.
 11.00 am
11.00 am: Trying on a hat at the "open preschool"*
 12.00 pm
12.00 pm: Out cold after playing with the other kiddos for two hours. 
 1.00 pm
After visiting Andrew and his class mates on their lunch break (not sure why I didn't take a picture) we went to the adjacent library where I had a sandwich in the cafe. I actually got to read that magazine for about 5 minutes before Inara woke up.

Outside the cafe window.
Still a bit spaced after her nap.
1.30 pm
After seeing the ducks through the window we had to take closer look. 
   1.40 pm
Swinging and looking sharp in her new shoes. 
2.00 pm
Running some errands.She looks bored, but she actually loves watching people on the street.
3.00 pm
Back home. Inara finds the coffee table to be a perfect place to stand up.

Problem is she's just a little bit too tall to stand up straight and therefore gets stuck and then very angry.
 4.00 pm
Afternoon nap. 
5.00 pm
Dinner in the oven. You can see Inara in the babybjorn if you look closely.
5.15 pm
In the laundry room. You add one person to the family, but somehow double the amount of laundry.
6.00 pm
Inara having her dinner (chicken, rice, carrots, coconut milk, curry). We normally like to eat with her, but our food took longer this time.
6.45 pm
Daddy is home!

7.00 pm
Andrew and I having our dinner.
7.15 pm
Giving daddy some snuggles before bed.
   7.25 pm
7.40 pm
Inara is sleeping and we're sitting on the couch for a few minutes before the clean-up begins. Not sure why we're snookiefied.

* For those of you not familiar with Sweden, an "open preschool" is a place where you can go together with your kids free of charge.
That will have to conclude the day in pictures although knowing me, I'll not be in bed before midnight, but I think you've probably had enough. Oh, the pictures are taken with the ipod, hence the poor quality.


  1. Bra dag! Kul att Inara har dinosauriepyjamasen!

  2. Jalee woke up at 10:30 a.m. I think I'm going to go home and hug her.

  3. Moa, det var det och pyjamasen ar en favorit!

    Margo, those teenage years now sound lovely! Can't imagine what it would be like to be the one who wakes them up.