Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Father's Day

Sunday was Father's Day here, so I made an "American Breakfast" and my dad came over to enjoy it with us. (My mom, like most Swedes, was not able to stomach bacon and pancakes at that hour). ***ANDREW NOTE (She was able to stomach coffee and her regular breakfast, which may have spoiled her appetite). Inara had made a card for her dad who was quite impressed by how superior her written communication is compared to her oral. By the way, Inara has transitioned from blowing raspberries to imitating a an old creaky door. In today's swim class the instructor was accompanied by a constant creek.

We will be moving in to our apartment on December 1. It's a smallish attic apartment on the fourth floor (Andrew is convinced I'm trying to kill him by hauling our stuff up and down), but will be perfect for us until Andrew graduates. It's going to be nice getting into town where everything is within walking distance and where there are more options when it comes to stuff to do.

Father's day

Inara and my dad

The fog rolling in outside my mom's house


  1. Love this blog. I read every update. The picture of the lane of trees is stunning. And, of course, Inara is stunning, too.

  2. Thanks Margo! So glad you're reading it!