Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wild Hair and Happiness

We had another nice fall weekend here. Saturday was about as gorgeous a fall day as anyone could ask for around here, so we went to town and strolled around in the sun. There was a harvest fest going on in the botanical garden and some other events around town. Seeing so many familiar faces in the crowd made me realize really how small of a place it really is. For those of you who have never been here (but surely will come to visit soon), I'm posting a few pictures of Visby taken yesterday. There is lots more to see, but at least it gives you an idea what it looks like. Saturday evening, another student in Andrew's program invited everyone to dinner at her house. The food was lovely and the company loud and wonderful and Inara somehow managed to fall asleep in the midst of it all. On a side note, I've signed up for a Masters program in project management beginning this spring. It's not exactly what I want to do, but since I have to take online classes my options are pretty limited. I'm still excited to get started and I think it'll be a useful degree that can be tailored to whatever I want to do with it.

On another completely different note, I feel like I have to mention that we are super excited about the upcoming arrival of the next Barney girl! I'm just sad that we can't be there to meet her when she decides to come, but we're hoping for some serious skype sessions!

Not sure why some pictures are sideways... Guess you'll have to tilt your heads. 

Walnuts in nylons.

Outside the city walls

Botanical garden

Wild hair and happiness

Andrew's university


  1. Valnötter i nylon, sexigt! Haha. Btw, jag älskar det där huset med murgrönan, inte Payexhuset utan det andra. Fantastiskt fint på hösten. Hoppas ni har det mysigt i det fina höstvädret. Väldans kul att Andrew har så trevliga klasskamrater som ni kan hänga med.

    Hälsa alla! Kram

  2. That is some wild hair!!! But such a cutie! I love the pictures. And I'm glad you're including ones of Andrew too. The girls love looking at them!

  3. Looks like a cool place to live! I love the old buildings.