Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pants are for losers

Last night was below freezing here, so winter is definitely around the corner. Inara got some more shots yesterday and cried a lot but didn't get sick. She now weighs in at 6.2 kg (13.64 lbs.) and is 62 cm (24.4 in.) long, so right on track according to WHO! Turns out that just across the field from my mom's house lives a family where the wife is from Utah so they came over for dinner a couple of days ago. We had a good time and it was interesting to see how well their kids spoke both English and Swedish. My cousin Cajsa also came by to visit and got to meet Inara for the first time while my aunt Britta got to see her again. Today our little lady attended her first 90th birthday bash and there were more old ladies there than I think she knew what to do with. Actually, she knew exactly what to do, flashing smiles ever which way.

Inara and Cajsa

Inara and Britta

Pants are for losers

Baby necks - is there anything cuter?

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